Yet, everything ends, and these special moments would lose their significance should we be able to cling to them endlessly. Eventually reality sets in, and you find yourself back on Earth, subject to its demands and the demands of your human mind and body. And, as humans, we are frail and vulnerable. We are thrust into this absurd existence and have no choice but to make sense of it. The trouble is, there’s no sense to be made. The very structure of being is paradoxical; life is just an infinite, fluctuating chain of contradictions, our minds constantly at irresolvable odds with themselves. It seems the more critically you think about life, the more obscure and unreasonable it becomes. The solutions to our deepest desires, those longings for clarity and certainty, are simply not there. Yet we raise our towers of confidence upon them regardless, inevitably to fall.

The Campfire Dialogues - "Implications of the Stars"


Implications of the Stars

"You can lie there for hours on end, peering into infinity, glimpsing the great beyond, befriending those grandiose celestial bodies. From the ground you watch the universe swirl around you in the heavens above like a sophisticated dance choreographed especially and solely for you, lying blissfully beneath it all."